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Experts in Humanity: The First Cohort

(c) 2022 Josephine Lombardi

Self-knowledge informs servant leadership and opens us up to a lifetime of learning and spiritual growth. Steven Covey, author of the bestselling program and book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, says, “The private victory always precedes the public victory.” Covey calls this the “inside-out approach…We experience the private victory when we learn self-mastery and self-discipline. We reap the public victory when we build deep, lasting, highly effective relationships with other people.” If we apply this approach to the spiritual life, this means working to discipline our thoughts and internal struggles. This is spiritual victory. When we are not dominated by negative thoughts or character flaws, we will be victorious in public life. An internal victory leads to a public victory. When we are in a state of non-contradiction between our thoughts, emotions and actions, we experience freedom and balance. (Excerpt from Josephine Lombardi, Experts in Humanity: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing, p. 11).

I designed The Experts in Humanity ProjectTM to promote authentic freedom and self-reflection. The first cohort of the Experts in Humanity ProjectTM completed the course in June 2022. Over sixty participants journeyed together, learning and praying for one another over twelve sessions. We explored the need for self-knowledge and self-awareness, family of origin issues, generational trauma, forgiveness and healing, and much, much more. A new cohort will begin in September 2022. Visit the course page to read testimonials and to watch the newly updated promotional video, including some of the participants of the first cohort. An updated flyer is now available for download. Registration details will be updated in a few weeks.

My award winning book, Experts in Humanity: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing, is a companion piece to the course. It can be purchased on Amazon.ca. It is a joy to accompany fellow pilgrims on a journey of self-discovery. Consider joining the next cohort! Live and recorded sessions will be made available. Let’s encourage one another, knowing God is with us.

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