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Dr. Josephine Lombardi

New Review of the Jubilee Edition of On Earth as it is in Heaven

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Reviews For The Book: Experts in Humanity

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“This could be a wonderful tool for spiritual counselling. The purpose of the book, among other things, is to enable each person to discover and experience freedom that comes from the gift of grace. Through exploration the readers can become the best version of themselves. The final section of the book includes a journal with Scripture passages that walk readers through an eight-step reflection to record individual responses along their journey of self-discovery.” – Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada

“The book awards for the Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada took place over the weekend in Quebec City, announcing the winners on June 23rd.
We are happy to announce FIRST PLACE in the Category of “Family Life”: 
Experts in Humanity by Dr. Josephine Lombardi.” – From Novalis Facebook page

Philip Lusty

“Everyone has a role in Catholic Formation, especially of Seminarians and Religious who will face challenges in finding practical tools in Human Formation. These pivotal times are part of everyone’s spiritual journey, and seminarians and religious life need quality Formation. Most seminaries and formators are limited to quality texts to help their men grow in Human Formation. Experts in Humanity by Josephine Lombari provides this work, and is the key to keep quality formation vibrant and alive in our current cultural context.

Trends in the Formation community have shown that Human Formation is one of the greatest needs and that the Church and that Seminary Formation is facing. Yet few Catholic books and authors specifically address the need of Human Formation.  Experts in Humanity, offers a brilliant psychological and spiritual analysis of the problems most formandi face, but offer readers hope and real skills to implement in formation programs.

This is a must read for every Christian who takes conversion or metanoia seriously.   It’s a readable and accessible book for the entire faithful, not just Formation staff.  It a Christocentric book that compassionately comes alongside readers and empowers them to embrace their faith, conversion, and formation.

This book is written in a popular, conversational, experiential style. It’s easily accessible to those who don’t know much about the Bible, or the Faith, yet the book’s message is solidly evangelical, theologically accurate, and culturally informed.   I have personally used this book in personal Homilies from the Pulpit and even in Formation Settings. The chapters include contemporary real-life stories from Josephine’s faith journey and expertise being on Staff at the Major Seminary St. Augustine’s in Toronto,  and her insights span out from a wide spectrum of Christian leaders.   I highly recommend this read and formation resource.”

Faith, Hope, and Love;

Fr. Christopher Gama, O.F.M.Cap.

Post-Novitiate Director of Pre-Theology 
Guardian – St. Anthony Friary
St. Conrad Province

  1. W. Walsh Pl. Denver, CO 80219
    303.936.6242 | www.capuchins.org

The Fonthill Book Club delighted in reading Josephine Lombardi’s Experts in Humanity. Here are their comments:

a) So many of us walk through life on automatic pilot. Your book stopped me in my tracks and allowed me to go deeper spiritually and mentally to reveal things that I had not thought about for many years. It also reminded me to accept others as they are and to be open to their opinions. This book is an important reminder to do everything with love and to be true to myself. It is also a reminder as to how very important it is to build our relationship with God on earth.–Mary Roman

b) This book teaches the “Jesus Response” to hurt that is experienced in the world today. Although, one may have heard the science before, Josephine connects this to the love of God and points the way to the understanding of selves and others. Her words are uplifting and full of wisdom and hope. —Ken Hubley

c) I have never participated in a book club before and was enticed by the opportunity to learn more about humanity with others. This is the beginning of an unexpected journey through understanding life’s experiences and moving in personal growth. The author provides the language that expressed difficult concepts clearly. Much to think about. Thank you so much. —Francoise Hubley

d) This book takes us through the journey of life and culminates in a beautiful and meaningful ending which is “love”. —Muriel Roden

e) The insights and wisdom Dr. Lombardi shares in Experts in Humanity helped me to move forward with broken family relationships and to understand an extended family member letter. I was unaware of how God can help to heal these relationships through the prayerful request for the gift of grace and submitting these relationships to God’s healing power. —Anonymous

f) I was asking for peace of mind and clarity through prayer and I was drawn to my first book club which featured the life-changing book, Experts in Humanity by Josephine Lombardi. I would highly recommend this book if you would like to know God better and become the best version of yourself. Even if you are predisposed and not as free to make good choices, with God’s grace you will gain self-knowledge and walk on a better path. —Anonymous

g) I had the esteemed pleasure of not only reading and studying Dr. Lombardi’s book, Experts in Humanity, but also facilitating the book club at St. Alexander Church in Fonthill. Dr. Lombardi provides the tools with which to be a more compassionate and loving person. As a result of her own life journey, she provides insights into human behaviour that ultimately acknowledges the indisputable truth that God needs to have a primary position in our lives. Because, after all, God is love and that is what this author and book are all about. —Deedee Alexandre

5-Star Review Rating on Amazon.ca

“Good read, hope she writes more.”, B. Quinnon 2018 “Attended a workshop by Dr. Lombardi and loved her presentation. An amazing speaker which made me buy the book.”

5-Star Review Rating on GoodReads.com

“A must-read!”

5-Star Review Rating on Amazon.ca

Click here to read the Book Review: Paths to truth a humbling and painful journey by Brian Welter of the Catholic Register

4-Star Review Rating on Amazon.ca
“I’ve enjoyed this book. The author does a good job incorporating the latest in psychosocial understanding & some interesting spiritual perspectives. The discussion of traumas effect on development is nice but doesn’t extend to the issues of more severe trauma. It’s good for people to understand the different types of trauma & the levels of impact it can have.”
5.0 out of 5 stars How to love others unconditionally!
Reviewed in the United States on October 27, 2020
This has got to be the best book that made me see people from a different point of view, to love others unconditionally means seeing past what you can visibly see.

Reviews For The Book: The Universal Salvific Will of God

5-Star Review Rating on Amazon.ca

“Dr. Josephine Lombardi has undertaken a significant study of the universal salvific will of God drawing especially from the teaching documents of the Catholic Church from Vatican II onwards … Dr. Lombardi’s work provides background for understanding the theological dimensions of interreligious dialogue through official initiatives of the Holy See after the first two years of the Pontificate of Benedict XVI. … Whatever happens next and in the years to come will require theological attention, and this book … will be an important resource for theologians.” – Dr. John Borelli, Georgetown University

“This work is very relevant to some of the ongoing questions in contemporary Roman Catholic theology as the Church continues to come to grips with articulating its relationships with other religions theologically and doctrinally.” – Dr. John Dadosky, Associate Professor, Regis College, University of Toronto

“This is a fine piece of historical and systematic theological scholarship which traces the struggle of Christian theologians to articulate their faith in the universal salvific will of God well back into patristic times, and through a long historical development to the present time. While acknowledging the historic teaching of extra ecclesium nulla salus, and the various ways in which this has been understood in the Catholic tradition, the study shows that in recent decades, especially at Vatican II, and since then, the official teaching of the church has moved away from a position of exclusivity toward an inclusive theology which holds hope for members of other religious traditions.” – Dr. Harold Wells, Professor Emeritus in Systematic Theology, Emmanuel College, University of Toronto

Reviews For The Book: What are they saying about The Universal Salvific Will of God

5 Star Rating on Amazon.ca

Recommended by popular catholic author, Alice Camille, on Catholic Religious Vocation Network.

Reviews For The Book: Living with the Liturgical Year (Paperback)

In this booklet the stories and seasons sanctifying the Church’s life are outlined in a fresh and practical way for us who live in a highly secular society. The stories begin with the First Sunday of Advent and end with the Feast of Christ the King. This is an excellent spiritual aid since it identifies our moods, (individual and collective), with the liturgical colours of violet, white, green, and red. This presentation is an appreciation of the Church’s year from the Catholic tradition. Although, members other traditions such as the Orthodox, Anglican, and Lutheran will recognize much in this liturgy that roots their own traditions. The companion book is, Living with the Hours. (Four Star Reader Review amazon.ca)

Reviews For The Book: On Earth as it is in Heaven

5 Star Review Rating on Amazon.ca

5-Star Review Rating on GoodReads.com

4-Star Review Rating on GoodReads.com

“Awesome book, really helps you understand the meaning of the prayers more in-depth, would recommend to anyone looking for insight into the Our Father” (Five Star Reader review amazon.ca)

“On Earth as it is in Heaven is full of wisdom yet written very clearly,”   (Messenger of Saint Anthony)

“Lombardi’s open and honest sharing of her own life experiences as illuminated by the Lord’s Prayer enhances the book’s readability and appeal; at times one has the sense of being drawn into the intimacy of a personal faith journey.”  (Prairie Messenger)

“Josephine Lombardi explores, phrase by phrase, some of the depths of the prayer that was inscribed on our hearts when we were children.”  (The Catholic Register)

“In On Earth as it is in Heaven, Dr. Josephine Lombardi develops the idea that the Lord’s Prayer reveals the way to salvation or restoration: God accepts our repentance, forgives our sins, calls us to forgive ourselves and others, heals our shame and guilt, liberates us from bad habits and thoughts, delivers us from addictions/oppressions, and leads us to eternal life. Lombardi analyzes the Our Father, line by line. Some of her key points are as follows:
– “Our Father in Heaven” The term used in the Lord’s Prayer is abba (daddy), which tells us to approach God intimately – as children to a father
– “Hallowed be Your Name” This petition is a call to honor God’s holiness through our own holiness in life – through our actions, thoughts, and words.
– “Give us this day our daily bread” God wants to provide for our minds, bodies, and spirits. Material blessing is a part of the greater spiritual blessing We are also called to help supply “daily bread” for others in need
– “And forgive us our debts, as we have also forgiven our debtors” The process of forgiveness brings healing and understanding to those involved: Those who were wronged learn mercy; those who were lost through sin and harming others are restored.” (Peter Atkinson, Four Star Reader Review goodreads.com )

Review for the Book: Stations of the Cross for Young Catholics

5 Star Review Rating on Amazon.ca

Reviews for Living with the Liturgical Year

5 Star Review on goodreads.com (Caroline Pignat, Governor General Award Winning Author)

Reviews For The Book: Disciples of All Nations

5-Star Review Rating on Amazon.ca

5-Star Reader Rating on goodreads.com

Josephine Lombardi Disciples of All Nations

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