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The Experts in Humanity Project®

For a minimum donation of $25.00, the course is now available on demand! No need to wait for a cohort to start. Corporate rates are available for institutions or groups requesting some in-person training to complement the videos.

The Experts in Humanity Project® is a new online course designed to help people master the “internal curriculum” of life. The first cohort of 60 plus participants completed the course on June 27, 2022. So far, three cohorts have journeyed together. Testimonials can be found in the promotional video (above), the flyer (click below), and at the bottom of the screen. All twelve sessions are now available on demand. The course is based on Dr. Lombardi’s award winning book “Experts in Humanity: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing.” For a video review of the book click here. Dr. Lombardi’s book was featured on the Salt and Light show, Subject Matters. Click here to watch the interview. In 2023, Dr. Lombardi’s work on the Experts in Humanity ® was honoured with the award “Outstanding Leadership in Education” by Education 2.0.

Please email josephinelombardi@josephinelombardi.com if you are interested.

Participants in the first cohort included Catholic educators, school principals, chaplaincy leaders, psychotherapists, marketing experts, nutritionists, lay pastoral associates, clergy, spiritual directors, and many more representing a variety of sectors. Catholic school boards and other institutions are invited to consider this course as an option for ongoing professional development. Mini-Experts sessions are available for half-day or full-day professional development. Workplaces are encouraged to consider the Experts in Humanity Project® for team building and development.

This “watch at your own pace” course covers the following topics and more:
• Factors that influence human behaviour
• Conflict and communication skills
• Trauma
• Family of origin issues/relationship dynamics
• Coping skills
• Virtuous leadership
• Faith formation

Links to videos and accompanying handouts will be sent to your in box closer to the start date.

Testimonials (see promotional flyer for more):

“Heartfelt thanks, Dr. Josephine, for acting on your vision for the Experts in Humanity Project and for taking it to the next level.  The 12 bi-weekly sessions over a six-month period provided a manageable rhythm that gave time in between sessions for reflection, processing and optional reading.  A welcome alternative to a formal course with assignments and evaluation, Experts provides a rich opportunity to grow in relation to God, self, and others. 

Dr. Josephine is an authentic expert in humanity:  that’s what makes her course unique and empowering.  Drawing on her expertise as theologian, her love for teaching, experience in family life and relationships and a lively faith in God, Dr. Josephine’s Experts in Humanity course is a veritable banquet that feeds the head, the heart, and the soul.  Served with hospitality and grace, this course is informative, formative, and transformative as it covers topics that include self-knowledge, family of origin, empathy and conflict management, forgiveness and reconciliation, virtues and leadership, addictions and intergenerational trauma, loss, death and dying, faith development and discernment for decision making. 

Dr. Josephine’s content and teaching style are refreshingly accessible:  a delightful balance of credible and current research, theology, psychology, personal experience, humour and a genuine interest in and care for her fellow ‘experts’ on the journey. 

This course is highly recommended for men and women who are leaders in education, pastoral care, youth ministry, religious and faith communities, leaders and participants of movements and prayer groups, parents, and those seeking to grow professionally and to be renewed personally in their relationship with God, self, and others.”- Antoniette Pace, Lay Pastoral Assistant, St. Benedict Church.

“Experts in Humanity was an excellent course, and I WILL be recommending this course to others. The program is exactly what it sets out to be: “a journey of self-discovery and healing”, and an invitation to join a journey to becoming an expert in humanity, and thus expand our empathy for self and others. It has, quite simply, been life changing for me. I want to share the unique experience with friends, family and colleagues who I know will appreciate it. I loved the mulit-disciplinary approach to learning, and the combination of current topical research and faith-based references – very unique and impactful. I loved the wide range of topics covered, starting with a deep dive into Life Skills: knowing God and also self-knowledge, followed by an in depth exploration of the Factors that Influence Human Behaviour. The course has deepened my understanding of myself, and increased my empathy for others with the knowledge that our families of origin are paramount, and that pre & post natal factors as well as experiences of trauma shape us, our behaviour and character as individuals. The course content, and the way Dr Lombardi teaches, with depth, compassion and real-life examples and contemporary references, brings with it a deeper understanding of why we are the way we are, with hope and optimism through faith. With a spirit of grace, we can learn and grow from this knowledge of our own humanity, and the humanity of others. The structure of the course and the teaching blocks were well-paced, and enabled me to digest each of the sessions and the learnings and references – in short, it’s a perfect complement to the book, and allows for a deeper dive into the content. I have taken many courses online for business and for personal interest, and Experts in Humanity has been by far the most nourishing and rewarding: personally, intellectually and spiritually. The book came alive in the course, and had the added bonuses of being taught in real time, with Dr. Lombardi’s unique approach, in which she created an open and mutually supportive community of women, for which I am grateful. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to learn, in a very supportive community setting!” Bridget Saulnier, Business Owner

“Be the person you needed when you were younger.”

Aisha Siddiqui

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