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Announcing a new date for viewing my film: Feast of the Visitation, Monday, May 31, 2021 7pm EST for 24 hours

Dear Friends,

Many thanks for the overwhelming show of support and encouragement regarding the premiere of The First Lady and Her Successors. I’ve received many wonderful emails and messages, telling me how much the film touched you and inspired you. I’m delighted to share the film will be available for viewing on the Feast of the Visitation, May 31, 2021 at 7pm for 24 hours.

Some of you have given me permission to share your feedback. I’ve included some of your heartwarming comments below.

“Dr. Lombardi what an incredible film. I didn’t think I could get closer to Mary but you brought me even closer to her. A deeper understanding and love for the woman that make it possible for us to be forgiven by her son.” – Sandra

“Words cannot describe the joy in my soul. This movie was so powerful. It has brought a deep beauty inside. I am so grateful to have been blessed to see this film. What a wonderful job Dr. Josephine. Bravo. I wish I could have access to this regularly. It has left a profound stamp on my heart. God bless you for taking this initiative to bring Our Lady closer to us in our minds and hearts.” -Teresa

“I just finished watching the film and I don’t have words to express how amazing it was!! WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Dr. Josephine did a wonderful job at capturing our Lady in every aspect of her being. She was able to make us see that she is approachable and she is our Mother that we can always turn to her for hope, strength, and intercession. Wishing her all the success in the world that many people will watch this film and have their lives transformed and that she will lead us all to her son, Jesus.” – Gina

“The film left me speechless! What an incredible gift!!! I hope it will be viewed over and over by many. An extremely valuable tool for reflection. All the sharing by the beautiful women in the film, touched me profoundly and took me deep into my own heart. Dr. Josephine seamlessly navigated everyone through the rosary mysteries as a mother lovingly takes her children through a beautiful garden. I am in awe. So well done. A wonderful tribute to our Blessed Mother and all her successors…including Dr. Josephine Lombardi! The presence of the Holy Spirit was evident. Thank you so very much, Dr. Josephine !!! God bless you.” – Felicia

“Bless you Dr. Josephine and thank you!!! What wonderful work you’ve done–an homage to our Lady!! Daniela always says Our Lady is my favourite person–in less than two hours–based on scripture, personal testimonials and art you were able to transport me to a time of deep reflection–filled with only thoughts of the Mother of our Saviour!! Thank you for sharing the stories of her successors! Women who have experienced joy, sorrow and hope–all with Our Lady’s guidance!! Wonderful and important work!! Thank you and all these women for being incredible teachers…Thank you again and God bless you.” -Linda

“Our beloved Mother Mary has always been a source of safety fo me. Someone I can go to and feel protection and guidance. I often try to stand where She was in Her life and find the peace She must have had to live Her life. You, dear, Dr. Josephine Lombardi, have made our Blessed Mother even more relatable in your incredible film. In showing us that the way these amazing women you interviewed hear and answer the call to encourage other women. To follow in the simple, humble and loving footsteps Our precious Mother left for us. I am grateful to be able to take part in so many beautiful events that celebrate Mamma Mary and this film was by far one of my favourite! May God continue to bless you Dr. Josephine Lombardi with the ability to teach us and allow us to experience our faith in a more mature manner. Thank you! – Carm

“I just wanted to say I was invited to watch the film…and I was amazingly struck in awe of watching this testimonial…Dr. Josephine brought an amazingly new and simple perspective on Our Lady…my heart was touched as the mysteries were explained and made real. I like to think that I always had a relationship with Our Lady however this film brought a new simple way and real way to view Our Lady…I was thinking that something like this should be available to so many for I believe it is valuable. As a man it would be amazing for other men to watch this for it teaches the value of women…I could go on and on but just wanted to say thank you and God bless Dr. Josephine in this work and may Our Lady guide this film in living rooms of many families…God bless and thank you.” -Frank

“That was beautiful and inspiring! You (referring to Mary Luciani) were eloquent and wise. And lovely! How wonderful to have a presentation of an aspect of our faith articulated through the life our Holy Mother and shared by women. The richness and how it resonates in our life as women was demonstrated with such beauty, wisdom, and gentleness. Thank you for sharing this with me.” – Carrie

“What a lovely and inspirational film this was. First Lady, indeed and the one whose faith was bigger than her fear.”

-St. Elizabeth’s Villa, community chaplain.

“All I can say right now is WOW! What impressed me was the superior art work that told the story so well. It must have taken many hours just to search for the art. The art and the dialogue during the mysteries show what a wonderful God we have, how special Mary is and how she always said yes to God’s will. Also, what a loving mother we have in Mary. The quality of the women who were interviewed were amazing–their great faith, their knowledge and life experiences that showed their level of trust and love. The whole script was woven so beautifully together. I can’t even imagine the amount of prayer, work and time that went into this movie. It encouraged me to see these spiritually mature women who are making a difference in religious education at the adult level. I liked the end of the story when the lily bloomed at important times. What a wonderful touch of God’s love. Thank you for this opportunity to see this movie.” – Friend of Patricia Coulter

“Beautiful presentation about our “First Lady”. I was moved by the personal poignant stories. There was a calm peaceful energy throughout. It is such a beautiful and powerful message. My sincerest thanks to Josie for sharing the moving video with us. As a woman, mother and seeker it touched me deeply on many levels. Wonderful! Thank you!” Friend of Patricia Coulter

“What an amazing treat. I loved it. Josie did an excellent job, and her voice is calm. The story of Mary is told in a beautiful way with scripture. There is so much in it I will be thinking about if for a while. It gives praise to God and honour to Mary.!” Friend of Patricia Coulter

Many thanks to all!!! Please pray for the film as I discern next steps.

In Christ,


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