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Women of the Word – Toronto Retreat with Dr. Josephine Lombardi

Guest Blog Post by Mary Filangi – Women of the Word

We had an amazing day with 191 women and 3 priests together for the same reason. Hope, Healing and Restoration. Our Goal at Women of the Word is to provide a bridge for all women in all walks of life where Our Lady can guide us and Our Lord can heal and restore us.

Dr. Josephine Lombardi knows this in the depth of her soul and God has blessed her with the extraordinary gift of being able to speak with beautiful simplicity and clarity; the language of love and healing.

One of the priests yesterday sent me a text “So many deep sublime confessions. A lot of it comes from the insightful talks of Dr. Lombardi. She’s so special” And Josie herself always points the finger away from herself and towards heaven, saying “it is God’s Grace”.  It was an awe inspiring day with insightful genuine talks, confession, sharing, dancing, food, ending with a meditative Rosary, Consecration to Our Heavenly Mother and the Celebration of Holy Mass with Fr. Peter Choi.

As one woman said as she was leaving, “I’m so full, I’m going home to share what I’ve received”!

For more information on Woman of the Word please go to www.wowblessingstoronto.com

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