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CWL St. Patrick’s Parish, Markham

“In my view and also of many others, the retreat was a tremendous success and could not have happened without you and our notable and inspirational Speaker, Dr. Josephine Lombardi. Ph.D., Theologian, Author and Presenter.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Dr. Lombardi for bringing home the narrative of “Becoming Another Mary” in real-time. She allowed us to sit, listen, ponder and feel so unseparated from Mary who through her own Immaculate Conception changed the world forever with her simple little answer “Yes”. Dr. Lombardi allows us to feel without guilt how human we are when confronted with emotions that separate us from God. The physiological effects that these emotions may have on us may sometimes be due to past experiences or even to cultural pre-dispositions.”

Many blessings always,
Ciscily Winkler
President, CWL
St. Patrick’s Parish, Markham

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